7 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Fashion Is Here To Stay


The fashion industry is ever-changing, but during these recent years, it has embraced a positive change that we all know as ‘sustainability’. Now, we all understand that sustainable fashion and eco-friendly fashion are two very different terms but they eventually come under the same umbrella of being conscious.


In a nutshell – Sustainable fashion involves the garment making process and the steps taken towards its mindful production. Eco-fashion on the other hand focuses on minimizing any adverse environmental impacts. Of course, there are various other valuable and earth-friendly aspects involved with both these components. But, we will be focusing on why they are making a serious comeback today and why they are here to stay!


Growth Experience

When you are in the fashion business, you need to understand the potential growth or scope of a certain trend or progression to implement a change. What better than a statistical analysis of where this change is headed? A recent article by The Globe News Wire states that – according to sustainable fashion industry statistics, “the market is expected to grow to $9.81 billion in 2025 and $15.17 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 9.1%.” This gives us a visual estimate of where the industry is headed and what the consumers are demanding. The analysis clearly shows that this is here to stay!



We are advancing towards a knowledge-based society that is undeniably transforming the fashion industry. Consumers want to know the efforts a brand is taking towards building an eco-friendly and quality-based product. They are willing to buy from brands that are genuinely contributing towards the wellness of our environment. Social media plays a vital role in informing and educating consumers all over the globe. These online platforms increase awareness and have advised customers to shift their focus towards sustainability. It won’t take long until everyone starts purchasing products that go hand-in-hand with our environment.


Mindful Shopping

We all have heard this term, but did you know it is recognised as the essence of conscious living? When you make a mindful purchase you are factoring in multiple aspects that reduces clutter and you end up buying better quality. It’s simple to understand yet challenging to comprehend! Don’t fret, mini-steps are always a reliable start. Millennials are opting for this lifestyle and promoting goodness, this not only benefits the environment but encourages the fashion industry to produce more garments by adhering to ethical standards. As Vivienne Westwood, a well-known fashion designer says,” “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” Just implement this in your life and you will gain marvellous long-term results.


Ethical Impact

Fashion is not just about the end-product but also about the people who practically make it. A brand needs to make an effort towards the wellness of artisans, designers and the people who assist in the production of their garments. Ethical fashion involves the social impact and how well the people within the arena are treated. It’s all about reducing the harm that our fashion industry causes the planet and people. During these recent years, people have become more aware of this term and have started trusting brands that genuinely practice ethical fashion. In turn, this establishes the idea that consumers are concentrating on sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical fashion.


Materials Matter

Today we live in a world where fast fashion has deteriorated the quality of our clothing. We must focus on ‘what material’ our clothes or accessories are made from, start asking questions like – What fabric was used in the making? What happens when its usability is over? How was the environment affected during the process? Make the purchase only when you are satisfied with the answers. We here at Xander Bags believe in using Azofree-dyed washed jute fabrics. Today, there are numerous fabrics you can opt from as they all contribute towards the idea of a viable yet eco-friendly future!



Affordable fashion is an extension that grants towards the global goal of sustainability. Now that slow fashion is gaining headlines, brands are making sure that consumers get the best of both worlds! With affordable pricing and an eco-friendly approach, brands are set to support our green planet altogether.


Cruelty-Free Fashion

There is a direct relation between fashion brands and animal cruelty-free products. One might ask, how are they connected? The answer is quite simple. During old times, many brands distributed products that were made from animal obtained fur, leather and other similar materials. To make sure that these practices were no longer continued many brands took the initiative of cruelty-free production. This gave rise to the upcoming ‘vegan fashion brands’, must say the fashion industry is implementing change with a pragmatic approach.


Now that we know several brands are making an effort towards a better tomorrow, let’s move onto the next question – How can you contribute? Well, that’s quite simple purchase products from brands that truly believe in the above reasons. Start by doing some research, understand the brand values and make a mindful choice. The choice of consumers influences the demand and forces the industry to take decisions accordingly. As we already know, eco-friendly fashion is here to stay, hence if you make a conscious purchase today, you will receive a better livelihood tomorrow!

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